Safe Motherhood

MSS adopts a holistic approach to safe motherhood.

Safe Motherhood

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test Strip enables women to detect even a single day of pregnancy by themselves. Pregnancy strips are reliable, convenient and affordable, and ensure 99.9% accuracy.

Test Procedure

  • Collect the urine specimen in a clean container.
  • Take out the strip from the foil to use immediately (use the opened strip within one hour).
  • Immerse the strip into the urine sample with the arrow end pointing towards the urine. Be sure that the urine level remains below the line marked under the arrow.
  • Take out the strip after 5 seconds and put away for 5 minutes for the result to appear.
  • Positive (Pregnancy): Two distinct red bands will appear.
  • Negative (No Pregnancy): Only a single red band will appear.
  • Invalid: If there is no line or a single faded line, then repeat the test with a new urine sample and strip.


It is extremely important that the mother and the infant receive all timely and necessary vaccinations and immunizations.

Immunization services are available at selected MSS centres.

Ante & Post Natal Care

Regular checkups of the expecting mother are necessary to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing in a healthy manner, and that there are no foreseeable complications. High risk and complicated pregnancies are referred to tertiary care hospitals. Clients are advised and encouraged to discuss their delivery and emergency plans with centre staff.

Post natal care follows up on the health of the mother and infant, and advice on family planning services is also offered.

Availability: All MSS centres.


Ultrasound facility is available for obstetrics purpose only.

Availability: All MSS centres.