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Marie Stopes Society (MSS) is a social enterprise that provides reproductive health and family planning services to the people of Pakistan. Registered in 1990. MSS is a subsidiary of Marie Stopes International (MSI), a UK based organization with partners in 43 countries around the globe. Marie Stopes Society is dedicated to ensuring an individual enjoys his/her right to sexual and reproductive health.

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Population welfare practitioners sign the Bhurban Declaration
Experts call for public-private partnership to extend healthcare coverage


BHURBAN August 27: Health and population experts and practitioners gathered in Bhurban drafted the “Bhurban Declaration” which calls for extending healthcare coverage to all parts of Pakistan through Social Franchising.

The Declaration was the result of deliberations at the first ever National Conference on Social Franchising hosted by Marie Stopes Society, Pakistan.

The Conference brought together key stakeholders for experience sharing and exchange of ideas on social franchising and its role in dramatically expanding healthcare service delivery in general and family planning services in particular, across Pakistan.

Moderating the Plenary session, Dr. Sania Nishtar, Former Federal Minister of Education & Training, Science and Technology, Information Technology and Health and Founder and President of Heartfile, stated that “population explosion was a big security threat for Pakistan”.

Dr. Mohsina Bilgrami, Country Director, Marie Stopes said, “more than 80 women die every day due to too frequent, too many pregnancies and preventable complications during pregnancy”. “A dramatic expansion in access to family planning services through the most cost-effective interventions in public health has the potential to avert up to 30% of maternal deaths and 10% of child deaths,” she added.

While moderating panels, Imran Zafar, Social Franchising expert and Brendan Hayes, Head of Social Franchising at Marie Stopes International, focused on a review of emerging models and capturing international best practices to maximize impact of social franchising.

Social franchising is just beginning to emerge as a widespread intervention in the delivery of healthcare in developing countries, and has had a positive impact on providers, enhancing their ability to serve the community by improving the range and quality of their services.

The speakers at the conference included health and population sector experts, government officials from theĀ  Planning Commission, researchers, implementing partners working in the field and corporate sector executives who presented successful franchise models that could be adopted by the social sector. Commenting during the plenary sessions, representatives from the Department of Health and Population Welfare Department of different provincial Governments acknowledged the importance of public private partnership in expanding healthcare service delivery across the country.

Marie Stopes Society (MSS), a registered non-profit social enterprise in Pakistan, is one of the leading players in effective implementation of social franchising to expand access to family planning and reproductive healthcare. With its Suraj Social Franchise network of 428 clinics across Pakistan, MSS reaches out to women in underserved areas with the highest unmet need.

9/12/2014 5:11:11 PM