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Toll-Free Health Helpline

Hours of operation: 9:00am to 6:00pm.
Days of operation: Monday to Saturday.

MSS runs a helpline (0800 22333) staffed by trained call agents. The helpline provides:

  • Complete information on MSS services
  • Comprehensive information and counseling on family planning and reproductive health
  • Side-effect management of family planning methods
  • Information on maternal health issues
  • Detection of emergencies and immediate referral to authorized tertiary care health facilities closest to the caller
  • Referrals to other call centres and/or health facilities for general health matters

Additionally, the helpline serves as an excellent channel to receive and record client feedback, helping MSS improve its services to better meet client needs.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters.

MSS’ bilingual, interactive information portal ( is the first website of its kind in Pakistan, manned by a panel of professional doctors and psychologists.

Designed to be both interactive and educational, the site offers:

  • Accurate, updated information on sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Confidential, impartial and professional responses to email queries received on sexual and reproductive health matters within 24 hours
  • A blog encouraging website visitors to comment and express their views, generating online discourse on a range of sexual and reproductive health issues