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Description: The condom is a barrier method which prevents entry of sperm into the vagina. It is made of very thin latex rubber. Sperm and disease causing organisms, including HIV, do not pass through intact latex condoms. Condoms are placed on the erect penis.

Condoms are very effective when used correctly. Use of condoms encourages the participation of men in contraception. Condoms are the most effective contraceptive method for protecting against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and help to protect women against cervical cancer and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Effectiveness: Condoms are 93% effective if used consistently and correctly.

Availability: Available at all MSS centers.


Myth: – Condoms can rupture or come off.

Fact: – If used properly Condoms do not rupture or come off. If they do rupture or come off, use of emergency contraception is advised.

Myth: – The lubrication (oily substance) on the Condom is harmful. It is repulsive. It does not give pleasure.

Fact: – The lubrication on the condom prevents friction; hence there is no discomfort or pain. As a matter of fact it gives more pleasure.