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Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test Strip enables women to detect even a single day of pregnancy by themselves. Pregnancy strips are reliable, convenient and affordable, and ensure 99.9% accuracy.

Pregnancy Test Strip

Test Procedure
  • Collect the urine specimen in a clean container.
  • Take out the strip from the foil to use immediately (use the opened strip within one hour).
  • Immerse the strip into the urine sample with the arrow end pointing towards the urine. Be sure that the urine level remains below the line marked under the arrow.
  • Take out the strip after 5 seconds and put away for 5 minutes for the result to appear.
  • Positive (Pregnancy): Two distinct red bands will appear.
  • Negative (No Pregnancy): Only a single red band will appear.
  • Invalid: If there is no line or a single faded line, then repeat the test with a new urine sample and strip.