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Postabortion Care in the Outreach-Learnings from the Field & Introducing Misoprostol Use in Postabortion Care: A Service Delivery Toolkit

A group of erudite individuals in the field of sexual and reproductive health and family planning, met on 22nd June, 2011 in Karachi at the (Pakistan Alliance for Postabortion Care) PAPAC annual assembly for an ‘exchange’ and discussion on the issue of “Postabortion care in the outreach” and launch of Misoprostol Use in Postabortion Care: A Service Delivery Toolkit. Discussions revolved around the issues of Efficacy of Misoprostol-alone regimen; trainings & addressing provider bias, Launch of Misoprostol Service Delivery Toolkit, Difference of Dynamics in Outreach and In-centre service provision, Client Satisfaction – what it means to client and service provider and Insights from Research and Scaling Up PAC as a Best Practice – The Journey…

Presentations/discussion points were shared by the key players in the field namely: (in order of panel) Mr. Siddiq Kiyani (MSS), Ms. Amina Mazhar (Ipas), Dr Siddiqua Jafarey (NCMNH), Dr. Tasneem Fatima (MSS), Dr. Sadia Ahsan (NCMNH), Dr. Samina Afzal (Greenstar) and Dr. Haleema Yasmeen (SOGP). Also attending were Dr Nadeem Khalid (RAHNUMA), Shahrukh  Butt (MSS), Dr Nighat (SoGP) and Gulali Ismail (Aware girls) along with Mr Sikandar Sohani (Ipas), Mr Waqas Hameed (MSS), Ms Ayesha Khan (Collective for Social Science Research-CSSR), Mr Aslam Fareed (Greenstar), Dr Babar Shaikh (Health Services Academy-HSA), Dr Yasmeen Qazi (Packard Foundation), Ms. Sahib Jan (MNCH Sindh), Dr Tauseef (Pathfinder) and Dr. Arshad Chandio (Lady Health Workers (LHW) program).