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Health and Population Welfare Department played a major role as representatives from both the departments met on 25th May, 2011 and decided to strengthen the collaboration amongst them towards FP / RH services.

In a letter written by the Deputy Director (M & E), PWD Punjab to Dr Mahmood Akhtar (MSS), efforts of implementing the district coordination plan for Punjab were commended and a follow up meeting was also called for at the Deputy Director’s office which took place on 6th July, 2011. Strong emphasis was also given on the sharing of reporting system and statistical data between all the departments in order to gain firsthand knowledge about all the regions and its population.

Furthermore, in this meeting representatives of the Marie Stopes Society were able to convince the honourable chair that the MSS’s network is the most widespread in the entire country with an immensely strong presence in 34 districts of the Punjab province where fully functional and operational centers are serving the locals at extremely affordable costs. During this meeting, it was also agreed that Marie Stopes Society will also share monthly plans of all center based activities like free medical camps and Mobile Service Unit (MSU) camps, other special occasions like Mothers’ and Fathers’ day at all DTC meetings and the representatives of PWD and DoH would be directed to support mobilization campaigns for all such activities. As a gesture of goodwill, representatives of MSS also confirmed their full support and coordination for all such activities organized by the government sector.