Consultant (Graphic Designer)-Karachi


The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree, with preferably 2-3 Year of relevant experience.


  • Design, layout and format publications, and other printed and electronic communications materials taking into account company’s branding guidelines, and branding requirements of other donors/partners, as needed.
  • Design and create illustration, artwork, maps, tables, charts and other graphic elements for communication and promotional materials.
  • Shoot small documentary and video clips of stakeholders and add title, subtitle and graphics in video.
  • Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size or type.
  • Develop infographics using supplied data to present core messages and organize complex information into visual representations.
  • Advise the project staff on best design options (for the given content), and propose multiple versions for their consideration.
  • Where necessary, locate photos from online sources and ensure proper photo credit is given
  • Incorporate comments and changes from the Project staff.
  • Liaise closely with Internal Communication team on final layout.
  • Ensure that the final output(s) for each communication product will be the final print-ready version.
  • Liaise with printers, if necessary.
  • Deliver creative graphic and technical solutions (including infographics if required) for print, electronic, web-based and animated presentations.

Interested candidate can send their CVs with Subject as l Consultant Graphic Designer-Karachi".

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