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MSS Approach & Ethos

Family planning is one of the most cost effective public health interventions with the potential to reduce poverty and avert up to 30% of current maternal deaths and 10% infant deaths – making it a fundamental factor for Pakistan in improving its health standards and status and achieving its Millennium Development Goals and commitments.

Increased use of family planning, together with safe motherhood and postpartum and postabortion contraceptive uptake, leads to healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies which in turn has numerous social and economic benefits.

To achieve MSS’s vision of ‘improved reproductive health of people in Pakistan’, we use a proven, multi-pronged approach which includes:

Supply side interventions to boost the availability of high quality family planning choices, particularly for under served and rural population and

Demand side approaches that address myths and misconceptions regarding modern contraceptives and healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies; breaks down socio-economic and cultural barriers to family planning through vouchers for free quality services.

MSS’s Ethos is premised on:

Empowering women and couples to make informed decisions and choices regarding their reproductive health and fertility management

Involving men and the community through their engagement in the reproductive health discourse, raising awareness on benefits of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies and creating an environment promoting understanding, trust, mutual respect and accountability

Adhering to quality standards as the cornerstone of MSS services, with a focus on maintaining 100% infection prevention practices all across our service facilities

Partnerships that are important as Pakistan’s critical reproductive health needs can only be achieved by working collectively – ensuring efforts are supplemented and complemented

Social sustainability that holds a strong place in MSS’s objectives as MSS is a social enterprise and not a commercial business

Using evidence in all decision making, strategy development and evaluation of our interventions as a belief across all tiers and functions of the organization

Creating a conducive environment to further the sharing and discourse based on evidence amongst all key stakeholders to facilitate provision of family planning services country-wide

Building capacities of its people and teams. MSS has enhanced the skills, knowledge and capacities of its teams, franchisees, and field health educators across it programme.