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MSS is one of the leading Global Partners of Marie Stopes International (MSI), a non-profit organization based in the UK with 37 partners around the world. MSS and MSI work in the spirit of co-operation and friendship and work in tandem to further the global MSI mission: Children by Choice, not Chance

MSI provides Technical Assistance to members of the Global Partnership to successfully implement projects and develop a sustainable effective social business, while MSS adheres to the philosophies, principles, policies, standards and guidelines as set out by MSI.

MSI grew out of an organization originally set up by Marie Stopes, who opened UK’s first family planning clinic in London in 1921. Dr. Stopes’ clinic created one of the greatest social impacts of the 20th century, marking the start of a new era in which women and couples, for the first time, could reliably manage their fertility.

The modern organization was set up in 1976, by Tim Black and his wife Jean, who had a vision to provide accessible family planning services globally. Today as one of the largest voluntary family planning providers worldwide, MSI has more than 600 static clinics, 1,700 franchising networks, 300 clinical outreach teams operating in more than 12,000 locations globally

Collectively, the MSI global partnership has averted millions of maternal deaths and unintended pregnancies, by facilitating couples’ healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies.